User Enrollment from Remote Manager (RM) Software.

In order to enroll fingerprint users from the software u will require one USB Hammster (HFDU-01). This fingerprint USB device should be connected along with appropriate driver installed.

Once the above requirement is achieved , u can easily enroll FP users from Remote Manager software. Following are the steps that u will have to follow while enrolling users:

Log in the RM software.

Go to User Management list.

Click on the "Enroll User" tab.

A user enrollment wizard will pop up.

Fill the necessary information about the user.

Select the appropriate "Authentication Type" by clicking on the appropriate check box.

If u had clicked on the FP check box then in order to enroll the Fingure print click on the "Enroll Fingerprint" tab. A window will pop up requesting u to "Select a finger".Select a finger and click on the "Next" tab , the scanner of the USB Hammster will start glowing. Place ur fingure on the USB Hammster when the fingure is scanned it will ask u to "Place the first finger again".In this case u must place the same finger again (if 1 FP per user is set). For 2 FP per user for u will have to scan the first finger twise and the second finger twice as the scanner will glow 4 times.

If u had clicked on the PW check box then u will have to enter a 4 digit password in the space provided.Re-enter the same password again in the conformation window space.

U can even use the combination of above three authentication types.For that u will just have to check on the check boxes beside FP , PW , and interlink them using OR or AND.

Click on save button .The process of new user enrollment is completed.and this user is updated only in the Remotemanager database not in NAC 3000R database.

You have transfer user enrolled from RM software to NAC3000 manually. For this make a right click on the user and go in properties there you will find option Authentication in Terminal select this option, you will find "Change Tab" here select his tab one window will get open in this you will get the List of terminal enrolled in software select the terminal in which you have to add this user and press "Add" button below. Click on "Ok". After this click "Apply" button the user will get transfer to NAC3000 terminal.