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Thread: in winter season finger rejection rate goes up.. whats solution?

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    in winter season finger rejection rate goes up.. whats solution?

    In winter finger rejection rate goes up.. is there any solution for that?

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    in winter season finger rejection rate goes up.. whats solution?

    As this technology completely depend upon quality of finger some rejection rate bound to happen. As while finger get registered the curves and ridges ( we called it as minutiae data ) get stored for finger. If there are any scratches or any problem in finger due to winter then it might happen that fingers are getting rejected there.

    The best solution is to register more than one finger for person and during winter season use of any cold cream or any moisturizer will make finger quality better. So such precautions needs to be taken.

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    - Firstly try to register the fingerprints again, normally this will make it work but for 1-2 weeks. Later you may need to register your fingers again as in case your have skin cramping/peeling in winters, the scanned image of finger will keep changing.

    - Fingerprint devices also come with Card & Password options. User can be registered with Card or PIN for verification in case fingerprint is non usable. this may be activated for time when due to winter lot of problems are found.

    This problem is also called dry finger problem. you may research about it online. In winter season in order to prevent body from getting cold the skin become dry, this lead to issues like skin peeling, cramping of finger skin.

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    what is difference between dry finger and wet finger ?

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    Dry fingers, which are typical of people with dry skin, very often leave a very light and uneven image, thus reducing identification. While other optical sensors are often coated with silicon (which wear out rather easily),For the verification process to be further improved, users can rub their noses or foreheads with their fingers to increase finger pressure, or they can use some hand cream to minimize this problem. Wet fingers, on the contrary, are typical of people with sweaty hands or may be the effect of putting too much hand cream. They usually leave fingerprints with squashed ridges and appear as smeared in the image, or they may even leave a completely black image. Hand washing and less finger pressure can reduce this problem.

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    Meaning of LFD is live finger detection using which finger can be verified quickly in real time

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