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Thread: how to create new timezone in software?

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    how to create new timezone in software?

    "What is a Time-zone?"

    A Time Zone is a pre defined period of time (which can be split up into Minutes/Hours/Days) to control or enable Access for Individuals (and Terminals). The time-zone function consists of User time-zone and Terminal time-zone.
    - User time-zone: Designates Access privileges for each individual user.
    - Terminal time-zone: Designates access privilege via each terminal and has a special time-zone which designates
    multi-authentication types hourly at each terminal.

    - ACM Professional supports a terminal time-zone function and user time-zone function to limit the access time via
    our reader (terminal).
    - "Terminal time-zone" takes priority over "User time-zone".

    For details on how to create new timezone refer to attached pdf
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