Following are the steps for User Enrollment from NAC3000/NAC3000R terminal.

* Press the MENU key on the keypad of the NAC 3000 and enter inside the menu.
* Select 1st option called as "Register User" using UP or DOWN arrow key and

Press enter or u can even press key number 1. A sub menu will appear having single sub option called as "Register User" if the NAC 3000 is used in NL/NS mode. OR this sub menu will be having four sub options as below if the NAC 3000R is used in SO mode.

1. Register User.
2. Modify User.
3. Delete User.
4. Delete All.

* Select Sub option "Register User" using UP or DOWN arrow key and press enter.

* You will be prompted to select the type of the user u want to enroll ,wether Master or Normal. Make the
appropriate selection and press enter.First user should always be master. It is highly recommended that the first user should be only Password (PW) user.

* Unit will ask you to enter "User ID". This ID should be unique. Enter ID and press enter.

Note:Set the User ID length and the "FP Count" according to ur application and requirement before enrolling the users, because once the users are enrolled u will not be able to change the settings.

* You will be prompted to enter Group ID.This entry is optional so u can press enter and move ahead.

* Now a list of authentication types will appear. Like FP (Finger Print), PW (Password), RF(RF Card), FP & RF, FP & PW, FP & PW & RF , FP OR RF , FP OR PW ,FP OR PW OR RF etc..

* Depending on your application select the appropriate authentication type for the user and then press enter.

* If you had selected FP as the authentication type then Scanner will start glowing with LCD displaying "Place FP1 Capturing". Place your finger on the scanner.

* Again the scanner will start glowing with LCD displaying "Place FP2 Capturing". Place the same finger on the scanner. If you have set FP No.=2 after enrolling first finger you have place any other finger two times on the scanner.

* If u had selected PW option then u will have to enter a 4 digit password in the space provided. Re-enter the same password again in the conformation window space.

* If you had selected RF option then u will have to flash a HID card in front of the HID card reader is inbuilt in NAC 3000R. As soon as you flash a card ,the card number will get stored for that user in the terminal database.

* You can even use the combination of above three authentication types. For that you will just have to select the FP , PW , RF.and interlink them using OR or AND.

* NOTE: If card option is not Enabled you will not get the options for Registering Card based user. In this case you can Enable card option. You will get card option in NAC3000 Terminal Menu, in this go to 5th option "System Option" in this you will find sub-option "RF Card" press enter key in this you have to set "26-bit "mode. Also, you have to go in "Wiegand" option set "26-bit" mode and press enter key it will ask for Facility code enter Facility Code=1. Also if you have only NAC3000 unit it is not possible to enroll RF card user.

This is the completes process of user registration using NAC 3000 unit.