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Thread: BioScan-10 device Troubleshooting

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    BioScan-10 device Troubleshooting

    1)LED blinking while placing the fingers on the scanner surface
    This happens because of two main reasons
    • Scanner Surface is dirty
    • Fingers are placed prior to starting of the Scanner.
    To resolve the first issue,clean the scanning surface with a tissue paper or soft cloth
    To resolve the second issue,we need to remove fingers and place them back after the LED's are stable.

    Note - Place the finger on the scanner only after starting of green luminous light of scanner and slap indicating LEDs.

    2)BioScan 10 FP scanner is not getting detected on a computer or computer is hanging/slowing down:

    If such condition arises then firstly we need to check minimum hardware and software requirement(i.e prerequisites) from the BioEnable_VDM user manual document.if your system doesn't fulfill the minimum hardware/software requirement then you have update your systems configuration with minimum hardware and software requirement.

    BioScan 10 scanner is starting and stopping in acquisition process:
    This is a slap capture problem.To resolve this problem one should Make sure that the slap kept on the scanner is matches to the indications provided by the LED's of scanner (Requested slap).

    4)BioScan 10 scanner is remained green after stopping/restarting the service:
    To resolve this issue,unplug the device from USB and connect it after 5 seconds and then RESTART the service

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