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Thread: Some of the FAQ on TimeTRONIX

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    Some of the FAQ on TimeTRONIX

    1. What are the features of TimeTRONIX Desk software?

    Features of Timetronix Desk software are:

    a. Easy to use
    b. Can be configured with any device that BioEnable have
    c. Automatic scheduler facility help to automate processing
    d. Easy reporting facility included in Microsoft excel

    2. What are the different types of reports available in the software?

    Types of reports available in software are:

    Master report: These are basic report.

    a. Department
    b. Shift
    c. Employee
    d. Designation
    e. Holiday

    Time attendance:

    Following reports are available:
    a. Company
    b. Dept
    c. Shift
    d. Employee
    e. Late/ Early
    f. Muster
    g. Who is in
    h. Arrival
    i. Late arrival
    j. Early departure
    k. Over time
    l. Absent

    Sub division: (included in all reports)
    a. Daily
    b. Monthly
    c. Date range

    3. In our office some people comes in some specific pattern while some comes in rotation,
    so is this facility is included in the software?

    Through shift master basic shifts can be defined. So it is beneficial for those employees for
    whom some specific pattern is fixed.
    If employees perform their work in rotation then through shift rotation master administrator
    can assign them rotating shifts in the specific pattern.

    4. Can i assign tour leave or sickness leave to employees?

    Administrator can assign “Tour Leave or sickness leave” to employee through leave assign master.
    Type of leave will get reflected in muster report

    5. Can i assign holidays in the software?

    Through Holiday master holiday’s can be given to company.

    6. At the end of month can I get complete report for leaves taken and OT done?

    Through Overtime report and monthly employee wise report we can get overtime and leave details.

    7. Can i link software directly to my payroll software?

    Our software generate database in Microsoft access so user can easily integrate their
    payroll software with our system. As database will give details about employee id,
    number of hrs worked, date and time user can easily integrate it with his payroll software

    8. When employees are on the leave I do not want to see their absence in report, so is it possible?

    Once leave is assigned to particular employee, in muster report respective category will get reflected.
    E.g if any employee has assigned “paid leave” then in muster it will get displayed as “PL”.

    9. What if any employee goes on official tour? How his attendance will get marked?

    If any employee has assigned leave which is paid one then for that particular number of days
    in muster report it will get displayed as “PL” for paid leave “UL” for unpaid leave etc.

    10. I agree that sometimes an attendance record will have to be manually made but how can i get knowledge that on particular day how many dummy punches has added?

    For this facility we have added one report called as system log report through which person
    comes to know that on which day particular dummy records are added.

    11. I want to show lunch timings also in reports. If any employee takes larger time than the allowed minutes then is this wasted time will be shown in reports?

    All the wasted time during lunch as well as during the late comings will get shown in “DT Due Time”.

    12. If my office starts at 9:30 although if any employee makes punches on terminal at 9 o clock so is there any facility through which his attendance will get marked?

    In shift master user can add grace timings for punches so that his early punches as well as late
    punches will get marked, so user need not required to worry about the punches.

    13. In the report I have seen one report called as “Exception report” so what is the meaning of this report?

    If any employee has made invalid punches like “odd punches” then this fact can get reflected
    through exception report. Through this report administrator will comes to know that on the
    particular date particular employee has made invalid punches. So he can easily correct them
    through log management.

    14. Is the software is compatible with WAN?

    No, the software is not compatible on WAN. Through Local Area Network (LAN) only software is supported.

    15. If I want to check that in particular month how many employees worked according to shift timings then is there any report available which shows me how many hours in month that employee has worked?

    Through employee wise monthly report administrator will come to know for that particular month
    for how many hours that employee has worked.

    16. Suppose I have purchased 3 different devices from BioEnable, then is it necessary that each time I want to purchase new Time attendance software? Or is it necessary that I want to upgrade my existing copy?

    If any client is using different devices that BioEnable have, then it is not necessary to purchase
    separate Time attendance software. Time attendance software is common for all the products.

    17. I want to assign weekly off to any employee or to dept due to some emergency, so is it possible in software?

    Through leave assign administrator can assign “emergency leave” to any employee,
    dept or to company also.

    18. Can I set some scheduler facility for processing, which is available in many popular software available in market?

    Our software comes with inbuilt scheduler through which administrator can set dates for
    the scheduler. Like he can set scheduler timings as well as dates in particular month,
    week, days etc. So that software automatically process data.

    19. In reports suppose I do not want some columns then is there any facility available through which i can edit some columns or hide that while taking prints?

    As the reports are excel based, administrator can hide columns through “hide” option available
    through excel facility. Also through “XLS utility” administrator can alter columns in templates.

    20. Suppose if any employee works for continuous 24 hours then how his attendance will get marked?

    Our software will support only up to 23 hours. So for continuous 24 hours working our software
    is not supported.
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