Remote Manager Related Issues

All Remote Manager Related Issues are discussed here.

How to over come "Error 006 Contact Master" on the LCD or Unregistered error in RM software ?

This error will occur prior to the enrollment of TimeScan in Remote Manager software.
For new installation when the Network configuration is done properly as per the given steps and the communication between the Remote Manager Server and the TimeScan is established you will find that the terminal will show "006 Error Contact Master" while the "Remote Manager" software will show status of the terminal as "Unregistered".

In order to overcome this error solution is to enroll the terminal in the software.Follow the steps mentioned below:
• Login the Remote Manager Software.
• Go to Terminal Management .
• From the list of terminal select terminal whos status is "Unregistered".
• Right click on that terminal,a menu will pop up specifying "Enroll Terminal".
• Click on "Enroll Terminal"
• Terminal Enrollment wizard will open.
• Give specific name to the terminal in the space provided.U can give any name as u wish.
• TCP/IP and the MAC address of the terminal will be automatically detected by the software so u dont have to enter the address manually.
• Keep the check box of the "User Verification Message" as checked.
• If u want the notification of the errors on the email ID or on any of the PC in the network then check the check box beside "Notification" else keep it uncheck. If u had checked the check box beside "Notification".then enter the appropriate mail ID or the TCP/IP address of the machine on which u want to receive the error notification message.
• Click on Save button . This completes the Terminal Enrollment process.On completion of the this process u will find that terminal status will change to "Normal".At the same time green LED on the TimeScan will glow continuously.

Synchronization Errors.

Use Run Synchronization utility

When the unit is used in NL / NS mode , two database are created. One is present in the server and the other is present in TimeScan.Both these database has to be identical with each other.If there is any mismatch found between the two database "Sync Error"occurs in the "Remote Manager"==>Terminal Management.

While at the same time "006 Error" is displayed on the LCD screen of the TimeScan.

In order to synchronize the two database following is the procedure that u will have to apply.:-
• Go to the "Remote Manager" software.
• Click on the "Terminal Management".U will see the list of terminals with status column indicating the status of the various TimeScan terminals connected to that PC.(Note : Status should always be "Normal").
• Right Click on the terminal from the list which is showing status as "Sync Error".
• A pop up menu will appear in front of u.
• From this menu select "Run Synchronization".
• A comparision window will appear in front of u.This comparision window will show u the list of users present in server database and the terminal database.
• Click on the "Synchronization" button present at the bottom of the window.
• A progress bar will move ahead .When the procedure of synchronization is completed u will find that the comparision window will show same number of users on the Server as well as in the Terminal database.
• Close the window and come out.U will find that the status column which was showing "Synch Error"will start showing status as "Normal".

Run Synchronization utility didn’t worked ?
Exceptional Case: If there is a lot of mismatch present between the two database then "Run Synch" utility might not work. In that case other solution will be to delete all the users from the terminal and retransfer them from the server end to the terminal end.

The procedure to achieve this is as follows:
• Go to "Remote Manager" software.
• Go to "Terminal Management "
• Right click on the terminal which is showing the "Sync Error"as the status.
• Select "List up users" from the POP up window.
• A window with two grids will appear in front of u.The list of users present in the upper grid are those which are present only at the server end, while the list of users present in the lower grid indicates the users present in the both the server as well as terminal end.
• Select all the users present in the lower grid by clicking on the check box present beside them.
• When all the users are selected form the lower grid ,click on the Delete tab
• A progress bar will pop up with OK button.When the progress bar had reached to the end click on the OK .
• Now u will find that all the users which were present in the lower grid had appeared in the upper grid, while the lower grid is empty.
• Now if the number of users are more and the existing network is very busy select few user from the upper grid and then click ADD button.This process will add the selected users to the TimeScan.The added users will appear in the lower grid.
• U can even select all the users from the upper grid and click on ADD tab to add all the users to TimeScan at a time.
• Once all the users are added the "Error 006" will change into normal window.

User Limit Issues

User Limit Exceed error pops up in Remote Manager software?
When u enroll around say 50 users in the TimeScan it will not allow u to enroll more users.When u try
to enroll more users it will not allow u to do so .It will keep on flashing the message "User Limit Exceed".
BioEnable has a Licensing Policy for its Softwares, wherein you will be provided a License Key along with the
Software CD for the Number of Users.

For Example:If u had purchased a TimeScan v 500 then a licence key will be provided to u which can allow u to enroll 500 users.

The process for registering the software is as follows:
• Go to Remote Manager software.
• Click on the "Help" tab in the MENU.
• A menu list with two options will appear .
• Select "Licence"from the list.
• When u click on the "Licence" a window will appear in front of u,with a space provided to enter the Licence number.
Note: The Licence Number is pasted on the Remote Manager installer CD .
• Enter the Licence number and click on the "Register Product" tab.
Note:Every alphabit should be entered in capital letters.
• When u click on the register product and if the licence number that u had registered is correct then it will pop up a window saying "Registered Successfully".
When the software is registered successfully u will be able to enroll users above default values.

User Registration issues from Software Side

User Enrollment Wizard opens while Loging IN the software.
It might happen that when u click on the "Remote Manager" icon on the desktop immediately the user

enrollment wizard will appear on the screen.There might be two reasons behind this:-
1. The software is newly installed.:-
When the fresh copy of the Remote Manager software is installed on ur PC the database is

empty which neither contain any Master user nor it contain any Normal user.So when u click on the Remote

Manager icon on the desktop of the PC it will immediately open the user enrollment wizard.

2. By mistake u had deleted Master user:-

If by mistake u had deleted Master user from the software , then during the next login into

the software as u r not having any master left the software will display a user enrollment wizard and force u to enroll the Master user before providing the access in the software.

Note1:- Always enroll first master as PW based Master. Rest of the Master users can be FP based.

Note2:-U can enroll as many number of Master users u want.

How to enter a Remote Manager software if message is displayed ""THE COPY OF SOFTWARE IS ALREADY RUNNING"

When you exit the software by clicking on to the close button(X) present on the right most top corner , the window gets closed but the software keeps running behind , in this case whatever transactions are taking place at terminal end will also be transfered to server end, while their will be a small icon generated at the right most bottom corner of your monitor.
Many times it is found that "icon" which should be present at right most bottom corner of your monitor is not their or after clicking on the remote manager icon on your desk top the message is displayed as "THE COPY OF SOFTWARE IS ALREADY RUNNING " ,then in this case their is only one way to enter the software and that is to stop the running software.This can be done as follows:-
Step 1> Press Ctrl Alt Del buttons on your keyboard
Step 2> select the "Bioenable Remote Manager"
Step 3> click on the End Task button .

Creating a Mifare table in the old database
The old Remotemanager.mdb file does not contain Mifare table.If it is required to use the old database with the new Remote manager software which supports Mifare Card Enrollment,then it becomes necessary to create a Mifare table in Remotemanager.mdb file. In order to create the Mifare table follow the steps mentioned below: 1.Overwrite the old database on the new database.Location of the database depends on the software setup being installed. By default the location is : C:\Programe File\Bioenable\Remote Manager\Remotemanager.mdb 2.