A. 2 FP per user genertates Mismatch Error.

Currently it is recommended to use one finger per user.But Set FP count to 2 in the software.(How to set?)
If by chance u had enrolled 2 FingerPrint per user and r facing problems then u can try either of the one solution as mentioned below:

Solution 1> Re-enrolling the users using 1FP per user.The user should be enrolled using hammster.Before enrolling check the following settings:-

a. Security Level: 1:N Security Level:-8
1:1 Security Level:-5

b. Brightness : 40

c. Contrass: 20

e. Gain : 2

Solution 2> Reduce the 1:N Security Level to 5 or less then that depending upon the Mismatch Problem and the quality of the user finger.Also increase the Brightness to 45

Solution 3> If even after using the Solution 2 the problem is not getting solved then the only solution will be to modify the only FP user with some combination like FP And PW , or FP And RF.

B. Matching Error check

The patterns of how it fail to identify by the fingerprint in the TimeScan

Pls check the following instructions if u r facing a "Matching Error" problem:

1.You have to check if the registered fingerprint was saved properly. The core (center) of your fingerprint has to be captured at the center of the sensor.

2.You have to check if your fingerprint is located on the center of the sensor or not.

3.You have to check if your figerprint is touched sufficiently on the sensor.

Even after following the instructions mentioned above ,the problem is ot getting solved then try the following things:

1.Refer to the "How to input fingerprint ".

2.Retry to "Enroll Finger".