Here we have discussed all TimeScan installation related issues.

1. Packing list or Invoice does not match with the number of items received.

This can happen in following conditions
•You might have given certain instructions at the time of purchase due to which some changes in items might have been done.

Please check your purchase order or the Performa invoice issued by our sales department to verify if there were certain custom changes in the supplied product.
•Our Stores might has missed some item(s) while packaging

Send e-mail to with Serial number of the Product received and your Invoice no. . Please mention the items not received by you but mentioned in the Packaging list or Invoice. Support department will check with stores and sales and get back. You can also contact BioEnable support

2. If physical damage is there then please refer following things;

Check for the physical damage to the unit before powering it ON. Don’t forget to shake the unit check whether internal parts are loose. If you find some damage to the unit or internal parts loose follow the steps mentioned below:
•Do not power ON the unit at all.
•Repack the unit in the same packaging
• Immediately Contact BioEnable Support Team
• Get the detail procedure about sending the unit for replacement

3.Where to install TimeScan?
Following are the points which should be kept in mind while installing the TimeScan.:-
•Install at the place where it is easily accessible by the users.
•The height from the ground should not be more then 5 feets as it will become easily accessible for the person of any height.
•Do not expose TimeScan to direct sunlight.
•Install the TimeScan in a place where 230 V AC power supply and the LAN cable is easily available.
•Assure that unit is protected from Rains or splash of water
•If possible protect the unit using a wooden box in such a way that only keypad and the Fingerprint scanner is accessible to the normal user.
•Avoid installing TimeScan in a place where temperature might go below -10 deg C and above 60 deg C.
•Do not install in industrial environments with High EMI or Dust. Dust accumulation on the scanner surface and fingers of the users can create problems in fingerprint verification.
•Fingerprint products have been found to have problems in Cement factories, Glass factories and Chemical factories where worker skin is expected to get affected due to exposure to chemicals.

4. Steps for installing TimeScan

Follow these steps when installing the received TimeScan :
1. Administrator receives the unit from BioEnable technologies.
2. He/She unpacks the unit.
3. Goes through the checklist of entities to be present.
4. If the number of items mentioned in the checklist correspond with the items packed then contact support department.
5. The administrator has to ensure that no physical damage has been sustained by the unit during packaging and forwarding
6. The administrator then goes through the complete hardware installation manual.
7. The very first pre-requisite is availability of AC power source as per the specifications provided in the hardware installation guide.
8. Please ensure proper Earthing and other electrical considerations.
9. Take a close look at the direction in which the power connector has to be connected.
10. Plug in the power connector after ensuring the above steps.
11. The default initialization screen should appear.
12. After the initialization the display should remain stable and the default “Welcome” screen should be seen