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Thread: For doing 1:N search, what options/APIs does enBSP provides

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    For doing 1:N search, what options/APIs does enBSP provides

    enBSP SDK comes with two types of 1:N Searches

    1. Index Search (included with SDK)
    This has been designed and optimized for small-to-medium sized fingerprint database, a volume
    of 5,000 fingerprints or smaller.

    2. Nsearch (requires separate per finger License)
    enBSP also includes the NSearch APIs that are more advanced matching techniques
    for use of large sized fingerprint database. It is recommended that the NSearch be used
    for 1:N matching from a large database such as more than 5,000 fingerprints.
    Please contact Sales for per finger license cost

    1. the IndexSearch engine has almost same API structures as the NSearch
    engine,The usage in the Source code does not have major differences, you simply need to use appropriate class/object for enabling the particular search engine

    2. Using any of the above search APIs can produce much faster searching
    performance result than a sequential 1:1 matching technique.

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    Hi mahesh,
    how to save image in specific location
    in java

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    In Java currently there is no option to save fp image in jpg or bmp format

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