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Thread: Troubleshooting FAQ

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    Troubleshooting FAQ


    1: What is the grade of waterproof and dustproof of outdoor station?
    The waterproof and dustproof of outdoor station is IP34.

    2: What is working temperature of outdoor station?
    The working temperature of outdoor station is from +50 to –10 degree.

    3: Why the power lamp is dim?
    Check if wires between the monitor and camera are shorted.

    4: There is no reaction and indicate light on outdoor station when pressing calling

    Firstly, check the power supply. Then check the output of power supply is normal or not.

    5: There is no reaction on indoor phone when someone is calling at door station.
    Firstly, check if the indoor phone, if it is hang well.
    Secondly, check the cable on the indoor phone, see if it is standard.
    Thirldly, change indoor phone to see if it can work or not.

    6: When door station call indoor phone, there is no voice.
    Firstly, check if there is no ringing voice(ring volume switch is well adjusted), if yes,
    change the indoor phone and then check..
    Secondly, check if the indoor phone is hanged well or not.
    Thirdly, please check the connection on the indoor phone.

    7: When press unlock button on indoor phone but no reaction.
    Firstly, check the lock lead wire if it is standard..
    Secondly, check lock lead wire if it is short circuit or open circuit.
    Thirdly, check the lock connectors on door station, to see if there is any output single, if no, please
    change the outdoor station.
    Four, if still cannot find the problem from the above checking, and then change the lock.

    8: What kind of door lock can work with this system?
    This system is unlock with pulse signal and can directly with electric lock. For mute lock,
    magnetic lock, motor lock, it is required to connect extra control box.

    9: It can call and communicate but there is no picture or the image is not clear.
    Firstly, please make sure monitor and camera units are not exposed to direct sunlight or
    other strong light.
    Secondly, check if the brightness and contrast control are correctly adjusted.
    Thirdly, check the cable connection from door station to indoor phone is according to the standard
    or not.
    Fourthly, check the video line is short circuit or open circuit on door station.

    10: There is snow on the monitor.
    Firstly, check if it is near to intense magnetic field.
    Secondly, check the wires between the monitor and camera if it is well connected.

    11: System cannot work at all, power lamp is off.
    Firstly, check the power plug if it is properly inserted into the AC outlet and the input
    current on power supply.
    Secondly, check power supply to door station; see if it is short circuit.
    Thirdly, check the value of output from power supply is as normal or not.

    12: What is the maximum wiring distance between monitor & camera? What is standard
    of cable wire used? Is it same standard for door lock wiring? What kind of cable you provide?
    Maximum is 50m with 20 AWG/0.5mm2 standard, 18AWG/1.0mm2 for door lock wiring.
    We provide 15m cable(1.2mm2) for connecting monitor and camera for testing.
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