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    Does device have GPRS connectivity ?

    Yes GPRS connectivity is present in device . Wifi and GPRS are optional in device .
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    Battery backup in device ?

    5 hour battery backup in device .
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    Does device has access control property ?

    Yes , EM lock can be connected to device with Exit switch , wiegand card reader .
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    Can device be login through web ?

    Yes, device can be login through web by putting IP address of device in web browser and use login id & pwd as admin.
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    iClock Basic software and its link

    TO manage and collect logs of iClock device below are the software to be used .

    1) Attendance Management for device on LAN ....
  6. user capacity can be increased to 1200 user after...

    user capacity can be increased to 1200 user after customization.
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    Device user and log capcity

    Device has below capacity.

    user - 8000.
    transaction -200000.
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    If device is GPRS then basic software is ADMS....

    If device is GPRS then basic software is ADMS.
    Below is the link of ADMS software .,TZ=5.5)

    Default database of...
  9. Can device be toggle from SO to NL and NL to SO ?

    YES it can be done without deleting user .
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    How many function key are in NAC5000 face ?

    99 function presents in NAC5000 . 98 function can been seen in ACM pro report , 99th function key is refereed to external reader so cant be use for showing status.
  11. Can SQL server 2008 be use as backend for Access Manager pro software?

    Yes , SQL 2005 and 2008 server can be used to configure database for ACM pro.
  12. ACM pro is compatible with windows server 2008 64...

    ACM pro is compatible with windows server 2008 64 bit also .
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    What is Anti Pass back setting ?

    If we connect 2 device one for in punch and second for out punch then antipassback setting can be used .
    If antipassback setting is enabled on device then user will need to make compulsory punch...
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    Fingkey access plus with external card Reader

    Fingkey Access plus with voice output model supports card reader and Fingkey access plus which dont have voice output model dose not supports external card reader .
  15. Is Fingkey Access supports external card reader ?

    There are two types of fingkey access one with voice output and other without voice output .

    Model which is without voice output dont support external card reader . Model with voice output...
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    Can device be used as Access Contol?

    Yes device can be used for access control. find connection diagram attached .
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    Software to be used with Bioface

    Attendance Management ver 7.1.5 can be used with Bioface to collect logs and maintain records .

    Below is the link for software .
  18. How to remove Admin if admin ID is forgotten and not able to connect with software?

    To remove Admin you must contact at and must read attached document .
    Admin can be removed with help of developer only .
  19. For database in SQL Software version should be...

    For database in SQL Software version should be 7.1.5
  20. Can user be enrolled first in software and then upload in device?

    Yes , User can be enrolled in Access Manager pro by using Hamster and then can be transferred in Device through LAN or USB drive .

    1.LAN :-

    by selecting Authentication list option either user...
  21. Can user be registered first in software and then uploaded in device ?

    Yes user can be registered in software and then can be uploaded in device . To enroll Employee in software you need to add user in Employee option first and then enroll his finger print by finger...
  22. How to take the logs into USB device and Import them into Attendance Management ?

    In Device Menu => Pendrive => Download => Attlogs .
    Dat file will be created in USB device and need to integrate this dat file with software .

    In Attendance Management, Data => USB disk Manage...
  23. Is there any facility in hardware unit through whcih Device can be made empty?

    Yes , In device Menu => System Option => Data Management => Delete option is present .

    Select this option to delete all the data in device .
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    Can user be upload and download in pendrive ?

    Yes , Users can be downloaded in pendrive through device and software and then can be uploaded back in device . We can transfer same users in other device also by using above method.
  25. If user is enrolled with finger , password and card then it is enrolled in AND or OR

    If user is enrolled with all three 0ption or any two Option then it will act in OR mode.

    For example : If user is enrolled with finger and password then to make a successful log in you will...
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