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  1. Do we have any updated exe for Remote Manager of BioAccess V2?

    Please find attached updated exe . You need to install the setup which is given to you and then afterward replace old exe file with this.
  2. Is the device having 8 digit output will work with Remote Manager?

    No, It will not work as it will only support 5 digit output.
  3. Is there any utility through which i can recover password of A1 Software?

    Please find attached utility to get password for A1 Software. Refer steps mentioned in the Read Me doc file.
  4. In BioDesk After clicking on FP and Photo options its now processing anything.

    This is due to the OCX file is missing. So please copy attached OCX file and paste that at;

    C:\Program Files\BioEnable\BioDesk

    and then run the application again.
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    How to update firmware in Fingkey Access ?

    Please find attached presentation and refer the steps;
  6. Is ACM-Pro Software Compatible with Windows Server 2008 Operating System ?

    Yes, ACM Pro software is compatible with Window Server 2008 (Only 32 bit) operating system.
  7. Is ACM Software compatible with Windows Server 2008 Operating Syatem?

    All latest ACM Software Versions are compatible with Windows Server 2008 (Only 32 bit) Operating System .
  8. What is the use of Shift" and "AUX" buttons on NAC 2500 Device ?

    These buttons are added to develop additional functionality by Nitgen but its not implemented yet.
  9. How to connect 2 BioAccess V3 Devices with One Plate Lock ?

    Please find attached connection diagram to connect 2 BioAccess V3 Devices with One Plate Lock.

  10. Can we write fingerprint templates on module ?

    Question in Detail : Can we write fingerprint templates on module means suppose we have stored all the templates on module and then we save them on PC with the help of utility then through PC can we...
  11. Can we give power from USB cable (Port) of the PC to LV Module ?

    No, We can not give. As per the specifications LV works on 3.3 Volt supply and from USB we will get 5 Volt supply so this will damage the main board of the Module.

    You have to use only 3 V to 3.3...
  12. What is difference between HV and LV Modules ?

    The different between HV (High Voltage) and LV (Low Voltage) module is only the supply voltage.

    HV requires 5 V supply , but LV requires 3.3 V.
  13. Which I/O interfaces are available in BioFace Device ?

    Flexible I/O interfaces are;

    • Internet Protocol based enables LAN or Network deployment.

    • USB Host for User data upload or download via USB flash driver.
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    What is the Log Capacity of BioFace Device ?

    The log capacity of BioFace Device is 150,000 logs.
  15. What is the user capacity of BioFace (Face Recognition) Device ?

    The user capacity of BioFace (Face Recognition) Device is 500 users.
  16. In FIM 3030 can we connect TXD & RXD pins directly to serial cable without MAX232 IC?

    No, Its not possible in FIM 3030 Module. It can be possible only in FIM50.
  17. On which Operating Systems TimeTronix will work ?

    TimeTronix will work on following operating systems;

    1. Windows XP (32 bit)
    2. windows Server 2003 (32 bit)
    3. Windows Vista (32 bit)
  18. What is the Size of E-Lock Power Controller which we are using for Access Control ?

    The size of E-Lock Power Controller is as;

    L x W x H = 110 mm x 72 mm x 25 mm

    Weight of the e-Lock Power Controller is 500 grams.
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    Please check which cable you are using ? Is is...

    Please check which cable you are using ? Is is Straight cable or Cross Cable ? If it is Cross cable then you can directly connect device to the PC and if it is Straight cable then you can connect...
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    FIM3030 does not support CMD_ADD_FP and CMD_GET_FP commands.
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    Here is example for sending 4 templates using CMD_INSTANT_MATCHING.

    Command = 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x15
    Param1 = 0x00 0x00 0x01 0x04
    Param2 = 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00
    DataSize = 0x00...
  22. Which software is compatible for both NAC 2500 and NAC 2500 Plus device?

    In order to use NAC 2500 and 2500 Plus device together we have to install latest Software versions as mentioned below.

    For Access Database : ACM Version 2.575 and ACM Version 2.573.

    You can...
  23. Can we modify the code according to our application ?

    Yes, you can develop your own application by using FIM Module. Along with the Module we are providing datasheets and Protocol Guide (Developer's Guide ) so you have to refer command set from that.
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    What all accessories I will get with FIM Kit.

    In the complete kit you will get One Module (PCB),one FP Scanner,Cables,Manuals and One software called as EV tool Utility.
  25. Why there is a DSP in between sensor and CPU? What are benefits of it?

    By using DSP, we simplify your interface for using fingerprint solution. If there is UART port in any CPU, you can attach FIM module to your CPU.

    To immigrate sensor interface and algorithm to...
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