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  1. What is IN/OUT keys on the Keypad, can we use them ?

    In BioAccess V2 there are UP and DOWN keys if we press UP Key then we will get indication as IN and if we press Down Key then we will get indication as OUT. If anyone wants to identify IN and OUT...
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    Does bioaccess v2 support DHCP settings?

    No Device wont support DHCP settings. Static IP address must be provided in hardware unit for communication on LAN
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    Does it allow alphanumeric employee ID?

    No it wont support alphanumeric IDs. Only Numeric ID's are supported.
  4. Is there any facility in hardware unit through whcih logs can be made empty?

    Yes, through BioAccess V2 hardware device logs can be made empty. For this perform following steps:

    Press MENU key , verify admin and Go to Enroll => inside this it will display "All log delete"...
  5. Can we use BioAccess v2 for Door Access Control, If yes, How ?

    Yes We can use BioAccess as Door Access Controller.

    For the access control system we have to use Power Controller along with the device .We can connect Two devices to the controller, in this case...
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    Some FAQs on Remote Manager.

    Q. From where I can Download Updated Remote Manager Software ?
    Ans : You can download Updated Remote Manager Software from given below link;
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    How to create image?

    Please see the following attachment of True Image Documentation:

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    Which software setups are required for FRT?

    Following list of softwares are required for FRT:

    1. BioEnable Timetronix: This is Finger scan software which is required to be installed on FRT. As soon as FRT gets boot up this software should...
  9. What are the operating system details required for FRT?

    Following Operating systems are recommended for FRT:
    1. Windows Xp Professional (with service pack 2):
    -On FRT it is recommended to install windows XP professional operating system with service...
  10. What is excel conversion utility and how it works?

    -In time tronix you have fixed templates for the reports which you are generating.
    -In case you don't want some columns then you can hide those columns and create a new template and replace it with...
  11. Can I get the User guide for Time Tronix software?

    You can download the manual from the following link

    Timetronixdesk software user guide

    Yo can download the presentation also from the following link

    Timetronixdesk presentation
  12. How to connect terminal to the Remote Manager software ?

    Go To Terminal Management -->Click on Add/Edit Terminal option --> click on
    New --> Fill details like Terminal Id, Terminal IP, Port Number and click on
    Save. --> the terminal you have added...
  13. Can I change Administrator Id and Password of Remote Manager ?

    Yes You can.

    On the Tool bar click on Manage Entry Information and Change the User Name and password.
    Now you can use this information for Log in.
  14. What is by default Administrator Id and Password of Remote Manager ?

    Admin Id : admin
    Password : admin.
  15. What if I give less than 5 digit user id length?

    -It will append zeros to fill that user id length. E,g if user will enroll id with digit as 20 then it will give output for that user in file as 00020

    So final output result will be 5 Digit only.
  16. How many maximum managers can be enrolled in system?

    -Maximum 10 Managers can be enrolled in the system.

    (Note:You must enroll 1 Super Admin first and then you can enroll other Admin users)
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    How many languages bioaccessv2 can support?

    BioAccess v2 can support "Simplified chinease", "Traditional chinease", "English", "Korean" language.

    You can change the Language of the device by the following method:
    -> Go to MENU -> Set up...
  18. For integration with timetronixdesk in which format data needs to be exported?

    -From software it is required to export data to .CSV file for integration with timetronixdesk.

    -To know how to integrate Bioaccess V2 with time tronix please see the following post.

    How to...
  19. What is the power supply rating of adapter used with Bo-access V2?

    -Some devices support 5V DC power supply and some support 12V DC power supply.(The power rating is written on the device where you plug in the adapter)

    -BioEnable provides power supply adapter...
  20. In how many formats data can be exported using bioaccessv2?

    Data from hardware unit can be exported to "text", "CSV (comma separated value format)", ".htm (Html)", "RTF (rich text file format)", "XLS (Excel file format)"
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    How many logs can stored in the device?

    Maximum 50,000 logs can be stored in the device.
  22. What is the user capacity Bioaccess V2 is having?

    -Maximum 2000 users can be enrolled in the device.(with 1 fingerprint per user)
  23. Can I disable voice which comes after verification?

    Yes you can disable it through system properties in hardware unit as follows:

    ->Go to MENU -> setup -> System -> go to the fifth option Voice Out make it No.
  24. Can the software automatically download the logs?

    -Software can not download logs automatically.
    -For this we have to manually download the logs.

    Note: Logs can downloaded by gathering the data from the device each time you connect the device...
  25. What precautions should be taken while installing time-tronix software

    -Check the Time and date format of the system before installing the software.The time format should be tt and date format should be MM/dd/yyyy.
    Please check the following link to see how to...
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