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  1. How many Logs Can Be stored in Bioaccess V3 ?

    Maximum 50,000 logs can be stored in the Bioaccess V3.
  2. How many maximum managers can be enrolled in system?

    Maximum 10 Managers can be can be enrolled in Bioaccess V3.
  3. What is mean by G_Log and S_Log ?

    G_Log : Total number of outgoing and incoming records.

    S_Log : Total number of management record
  4. What are the Communication Modes are used in Bioaccess V3 ?

    1. Through RS485 - If the machine has TCP/IP function, it is defaulted to be “OFF”; Otherwise it is set to be “ON

    2. Using TCP/IP - TCP/IP communication is the switch for the TCP/IP...
  5. How many Languages Bioaccess V3 supports ?

    Bioaccess V3 supports below Languages :

    1. Simplified/Traditional Chinese
    2 English.
  6. How the Keyboard of V3 works?

    0…9 : to input numbers when operating or selecting menu

    ESC : To perform EXIT or CANCEL when operating the menu

    Menu : To access menu management

    OK : To confirm the current...
  7. What is the range of numbers while registering Users in V3?

    The range of the numbers are from1~65535.
    For initial registration, the ID number is defaulted to be 00001
  8. What is Range of Device ID in V3 ?

    We can set Device ID from 1 to 255.
  9. How the value of Baud Ratio should be set in V3 ?

    The value of Baud Ratio must be set consistently to the communication ports of the PC Administration Machine. Otherwise, no communication can be made.
  10. How the Port Number is set in V3?

    The port must be consistent to port number of the software in the PC administration machine. Otherwise no communication can be made.
  11. How the Subnet Mask & Default Gateway value are set in V3 ?

    Set the subnet mask of the LAN when using TCP/IP communication.

    Set the default gateway of the LAN when using the TCP/IP communication
  12. What precautions should be taken while registering Administrator ?

    For the administrator registered with fingerprint, press MENU first, and press the finger on the touch sensor. After successful validation, the menu interface will be displayed.

    For the...
  13. Data Management Menu Diagram :

    Please Refer Below Data Management Menu Diagram :
  14. Settings Menu Diagram for V3 :

    Please refer below Settings Menu Diagram for V3:
  15. Access Control Setting Diagram:

    Please Refer Below Access Control Setting Diagram:
  16. System Information Menu Diagram :

    Please Refer Below System Information Menu Diagram :
  17. What are the Authority difference between Normal Users & Administrators ?

    The administrator has the supreme authority over the machine. And he can also punch in and out like a normal user, while the normal user can only use the time and attendance function and can not...
  18. What are the Various alarm functions for doors are available in V3?

    Below are the alarm functions of V3:

    1. Alarm for overtime opening
    2. Alarm for illegal opening
    3. Alarm for tamper resistant
  19. What are the Security level settings for V3 ?

    In general use, security level value based on all user can be set (1:N is defaulted to be 1).While for individuals who are difficult to pass validation,1:1 validation method (ID+fingerprint)can be...
  20. In Systems Settings of V3, what is mean by Vocal instructions ?

    If We set Vocal instructions settings to “Yes” then it will show user ID number and name on the screen and also there is a voice “Thank you”to prompted when user punch in their fingerprint.

  21. How the Shutdown function ( System Setting ) works in V3?

    If we set shutdown function to “ Yes “ then it can shut down the terminal by button on/off.

    Otherwise it can not shut down the terminal by button on/off only by software(as access control...
  22. What are the Access control settings in V3 ?

    Opening time delay - setting the length of opening door, the unit is“second” ( Between NO~255 )

    Overtime opening alarm - set over how many minutes ,it will alarm .The unit is second (Between...
  23. What is mean by Time section settings ?

    Setting in and out time section for access control, the maximum is 32.

    Below are the time section settings:

    “Time section0” is defaulted by 00:00 ~ 23:59 ,it means 24 hours Pass

  24. What is mean by Time group settings ?

    Set time group of access control terminal, the maximum is 32 .

    “group0” is defaulted by time section 1~10 it means can pass for this 10 section.

    “group31” is defaulted from section 1 to...
  25. What are the Time district settings in V3?

    Set time district of access control terminal, the maximum is 32.

    “Time district 0” is Sunday Saturday by default, it means can pass in one week .

    “Time district 31” is Sunday ~Saturday by...
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