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    F710 : More details

    We have a dedicated blog page related to the face recognition system F710 which gives detailed information regarding package contents, device familiarization, admin & user settings, management...
  2. Face Recognition System: F710 - Working conditions

    F710 is one among the face recognition systems our company is planning to launch. Here are some features related to the operation of the system.

    At the time of user registration if a user wears...
  3. Video Door Phones : More details and shop

    Where can i find more details about VDPs, documentations, downloads etc?
    >> is our video door phone blog. You can find whole product details, FAQ,...
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    Troubleshooting FAQ


    1: What is the grade of waterproof and dustproof of outdoor station?
    The waterproof and dustproof of outdoor station is IP34.

    2: What is working temperature of outdoor...
  5. What are the main differences between the two video door phone models

    We have two models of the video door phone [VDP]. There are a few chief differences between the two.

    1. The 992BK is the black & white model and VDP C-31 is the color model.
    2. 992BK is a desktop...
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