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Trans V1 with FP scanner

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Trans V1 with FP scanner

Trans V1 is a time attendance system with inbuilt GPRS and WiFi modules, thermal printer along with inbuilt contactless card reader. This device comes with a fingerprint scanner as an external peripheral. The whole assembly is shown above.

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Fingerprint scanner has RJ11 connector which needs to be connected to the RJ11 port of Trans v1 device.

Device Operation

Auto Scan Mode:
When the device boots up, it will directly go to auto scan mode where user can scan their fingers of tap Mifare card to give their attendance. If the finger is identified, the user ID will be shown on the screen and attendance log will be stored in the device.


For verification, give your user ID and place the finger on scanner when it glows. The success/fail message will be displayed on screen. For every successful verification, log will get stored in the device.



In identification, the above screen will be shown. When you press “1” on the keypad, the fingerprint scanner will glow and you can scan your finger. If the finger found in the database, the corresponding user ID will be displayed on screen otherwise failure message will be displayed. For every successful identification, log will get stored in the device.


Log Posting:

Here you can post the logs that got stored in the device by the above three (auto scan, verification, identification) modes. The logs get posted to a pre-defined server.

First, the screen displays the number of logs present in the device and asks for your confirmation. On confirmation, the device starts posting logs using pre-selected network type. The log posting speed completely depends on your service provider.

After posting logs acknowledgement message will be displayed on the screen as shown below and if all logs get posted, the log file will be deleted automatically to save space.

Entering master mode:

To enter master mode, there are two ways. One with master ID with fingerprint and second is master ID with master password.

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As the names suggests, the first method will ask for master ID and the corresponding finger and the second method will ask master ID ant the master password. On successful master login, you will be navigated to master menu as shown below

Master Menu

Registering user:
To register user, enter the new user ID and password ID length is pre-defined and password length is limited to four.
After that enter the user privilege .i.e. master or normal user. The place the finger on scanner twice (check messages on screen). If no error occurs, a successful message appears on display.

Delete User:

There are two ways to delete a user.
1. Delete with ID and fingerprint
2. Delete with only fingerprint.
In the first method both user ID and the finger registered against this ID are required. While in the second method, only registered finger is required.


After successful verification of ID/finger, a confirmation message will appear. Pressing ENTER key will delete that user from database.

User Count:
This menu shows the total number of users (normal + master) and number master users.

Delete All Users:
Here you can format the complete user database. On confirming, all the users will get deleted along with master users.


Network settings and ID length settings can be done here.

Network setting
Under network setting, you have a choice to select type of network .i.e. either GPRS or WiFi. For that, go to “Connection type” and select the network type.

Network Setting

Select Connection type

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GPRS Selection
For GPRS network, you have to give the APN, username, password and SIM pin.
Type APN, login name, password for GPRS
Give SIM PIN(default 0000)

WIFI Selection
If you select WiFi, you have two options, manual configure or auto scan network. Auto scan is not recommended as the wifi network may be secured. So it is recommended to use manual configure. Here, you have to enter your access point name, channel and security password. After a short period of time you will get connected to wifi network.

ID Length settings

To set or change ID length, you have to format the user database first.
On your confirmation, the database will be formatted and corresponding message will be displayed on screen.
After formatting user database, you can now set the new ID length.

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