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Fingerprint Authentication System (BioDESK-PRO)

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Fingerprint Authentication System (BioDESK-PRO)

Introduction : Fingerprint Authentication System Software is developed by BioEnable Technologies. It is used for Registration, Verification and Identification of Fingerprint biometric data .

Registration Module :
● Simple wizard base registration form.
● Easy update process of registered user.

Verification and Identification Module :
● The fingerprint engine is able to match up to large fingerprint data in a small amount of time on a single PC
● Application can be configured to run in Background, so that computer can also be used for other purposes (reception computer).
● Default Selectable Biometric Authentication can be set, so that application only uses default selected mode, e.g. finger Verification or finger Identification can be set for authentication module.

  • 1:1 matching with more accuracy and in less time.
  • 1:N matching with less FAR and FAR ratio.
  • Continuous logging in the identification mode.
  • Various security levels like Lowest,Below Normal,Normal(Default),Above Normal,High, Highest are present for identification/verification.
  • Separate password protected Admin area for User registration/updation.
  • Normal Application interface does not require credentials to allow Attendance on the first screen.
  • User registration with most of the common details like (User ID , user name , Registration date, User Position, Address ,
  • Description , Email , Personal number ,Expiry_date, Group name etc) regarding user.
  • Search registered user based on user name ,user ID , Group , User position , and also according to registration date.
  • Max 10 fingers and min 2 finger can be enrolled , so any one registered finger can be given for identification/verification.
  • User photo is registered which can be shown after fingerprint identification/verification.
  • Fingerprint identification/verification logs can only be seen by admin.
  • Admin can search logs based on user ID , Logs type (identification/verification) , date.
  • Admin can add users to particular Groups.
  • Various customization in scan time of scanner , result window show time can be done according to requirements.

Applications :
  • Employee attendance logging
  • Security Desk in Banks, Security installations
  • Member verification in Clubs, member organizations

Benefits :
  • Secure Fingerprint registration & verification system
  • Allow you to store personal information, fingerprints and photographs of the users in database
  • Verify the user Identity with one-to-one or one-to-many fingerprint matching
  • Auto-scanning option for operator free scanning and logging

Supporting Scanners:

This application supports Following scanners :
1. BioEnable’s Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner :’s-Multispectral-Fingerprint-Scanner

2. enBioScanC1

3. Live Fingerprint scanner : Fingkey Hamster Dx II

4. USB Fingerprint Scanner : Fingkey Hamster Dx

Supporting Software:

This device is supported by Following Software:
1. Smartsuite :
Web based Attendance system with inbuilt payroll.

Application Overview : -

Fingerprint Identification mode
: In this mode scanner is in continuous authentication mode. User just have to give his registered fingerprint and based on that authentication result will be shown on the system.

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Fingerprint Verification mode : In this mode user just have to give combination his registered user ID and registered fingerprint and based on that authentication result will be shown on the system.

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Admin Login : Click on Admin Area button to enter into Admin Section Provide correct Admin password for login. Login into Admin section , for following operations : ◦ User Management :
  • Enroll user .
  • Modify user data.
  • Delete user.
◦ Logs Management
  • Erase all logs
  • Delete particular logs.
◦ Group Management
  • Add new group .
  • Update,delete existing group.
  • Add , delete users from group.
◦ Application Settings
  • Application settings.
  • Device Settings.
User Management :
  • Enroll new user
  • Update User
  • Delete User
  • Search user using date or using name , position etc.
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Enroll new user : Enter all the required fields and then click on “Save” button to enroll the user.

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Fingerprint capture : When user click on “Acquire finger” button below form is shown for fingerprint enrollment , click the check box to start enrollment . Minimum two fingerprints required to enroll user.

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Logs Management :
  • Erase all logs.
  • Delete particular logs.
  • Search logs for particular user or within particular span of time.
  • Save logs to CSV file , Post logs directly on given link.
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Group Management
  • Add new group .
  • Update,delete existing group.
  • Add , delete users from group.
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  • Application settings.
  • Device Settings.
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