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SmartSuite-M: Time and Attendance System on Mobile

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ID:	543 SmartSuite - M

SmartSuite - M is an mobile version of the original SmartSuite application. Click here to get detailed information about web based SmartSuite application

Overview SmartSuite Web Application :
SmartSuite is a comprehensive web based time & Attendance Management software. Being a web based time attendance hrms solution , our SmartSuite software can be accessed by userd/employee from anywhere anytime on the web provided you have an active internet connection and supported browser program.

Following are the key features of SmartSuite application.
  • Organization Chart
  • Detailed Employee Record Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Shift Management
  • Extensive Reports and Charts etc.
SmartSuite - M is an added service to increase the usability and accessibility of the existing SmartSuite application. Using SmartSuite - M you can always be connected with your time and attendance management system. Below are the some key features you can use on your mobile with the help of SmartSuite - M mobile application.

Supported Platforms :
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Key features :
  1. One time login with personnel Security Code.
  2. Attendance Management.
    • User can mark his/her attendance from anywhere using the attendance module.
    • GPS location has been recorded as soon user marks the attendance.
    • Using the same module use can see week wise previous attendance log.
    • This module also gives the details about current average log in time.
    • Attendance roaster will give the facility to supervisor to mark attendance of his/ her employees just with one click. *
  3. Leave Management
    • User can apply for the leave using the leave management module.
    • Supervisor can see leave applications for his/her employees and can approve the leave applications using the same module. *
    • User can check status of his/her leave applications. Status can be New, Approved(paid/unpaid), unapproved etc.
    • User can also see the complete leave application and can cancel the leave application with this module. *
  4. Task Management *
    • Supervisor can assign tasks to his/her employees using task management module.
    • Employee can get alerts for the new assigned task.
    • Also User can see and add followups to individual task assigned to him.
    • Using this module supervisor can view all the activities throughout the task completion with some extensive reports.
  5. Shift Management *
    • Using this supervisor can allot shift to his/her employees.
    • User can get new shift roaster as a notification on mobile and can see shift allotted to him/her.
  6. Message *
    • Using this module anyone using this application can chat or send messages to everyone.
    • user will get the alerts for the new chat and messages.
  7. Interactive Maps *
    • Using this supervisor can see all the activities of employees with the reference of inbuilt Google map.
    • Maps will show the complete activity map with markers having activity related text on it.

Screen Shots :
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