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Multibiometric Authentication System (Fingerprint + Face + IRIS + Password)

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Multibiometric Authentication System (Fingerprint + Face + IRIS + Password)
Software is developed by BioEnable Technologies.It is used for Registration,Verification and Identification of biometric data(Fingerprint,Face and IRIS)

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint scanner support: More than 70 fingerprint scanners models are supported by this software
  • Face capture camera support: A number of face capture cameras and web cams are supported by software.
  • Iris scanner support: A number of iris capture cameras and multi-modal face-iris devices are supported by software.
  • It allows you to create image of biometric data along with data stored in the database.
  • MINEX compliance: fingerprint technology was recognized by NIST as fully MINEX compliant.
  • Maintains Logs of all authentications/verifications done on the system.
  • Logs can be easily imported to BioEnable's Smartsuite Web attendance System.
  • Web interface for configurations (coming soon)

Registration Module:

  • Simple wizard base registration form.
  • Easy update process of registered user.

Verification and Identification Module:

  • The fingerprint engine is able to match up to 150,000 fingerprints per second, 1,200,000 faces per second or 1,440,000 irises per second on a single PC
  • Application can be configured to run in Background, so that computer can also be used for other purposes (reception computer)
  • Default Selectable Biometric Authentication can be set, so that application only uses connected biometric scanners, e,g., Only finger authentication or only face or only IRIS authentication or any combination of these can be set for authentication module

Technical Specification:

  • OS requirements (Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64 bit)
  • Computer requirements: Pentium and Above.
Download:Free evaluation of 30 days available.(coming soon)

Advantages of Multi-biometric Systems over Unibiometric Systems:

  • Unibiometric systems are simply getting outdated with the evolution of multi-biometric systems. By combining the biometric traits for identification and verification, a multi-biometric system is considered to be far better performer than its traditional counterpart, which used only single biometric trait for the same. To understand the difference in a better way, here are some of the advantages of biometric products with multiple biometric traits.
  • More Universal Approach: A multi-biometric system is known to follow the universal approach, by offering more than one option to get enrolled with the system. For instance, in case a person is not able to provide his or her fingerprints as biometric samples, a multi-biometric system can use some other trait for the process of enrollment. Thus, a flexible approach can be followed that remains impossible with unibiometric systems.
  • Easy Search in Large Biometric Database: A huge biometric database can be made search efficient by employing more than one biometric trait as the search criterions. For instance, a biometric search can return the list of various individuals sharing similar facial traits using the features of face. Then, the list can be searched using fingerprint samples to figure out the exact individual.
  • Quality of Search Data: Consider the situation in which, a unibiometric system uses voice patterns to identify the individuals, but fails to do so because of a noisy data signal captured by the reader. To handle the situation, an additional trait can be integrated with the existing one to ensure good quality of data used for searching through the biometric database.
  • Better Security: The multi-biometric systems enhance the level of security, which indeed is the most important aim to be achieved with biometric applications. The people with bad intentions might get successful in cheating a unibiometric system, but the multi-biometric systems are difficult to be deceived. It is nearly impossible for the criminals to obtain two traits of the same individual. Thus, a sophisticated level of security helps the multi-biometric systems to perform better than the traditional systems.

Few Snapshots of Application:

1.Default screen of application:
Click image for larger version

Name:	1 MAIN..jpg
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Size:	49.6 KB
ID:	523

2.User Fingerprint Matching & successful Identification(see below snapshots)

Click image for larger version

Name:	3 matching starte.jpg
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Size:	64.7 KB
ID:	524Click image for larger version

Name:	4 matching comple.jpg
Views:	864
Size:	67.3 KB
ID:	525

3.User Face Matching & successful Identification(see below snapshots)

Click image for larger version

Name:	face1..jpg
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ID:	526Click image for larger version

Name:	face2..jpg
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Size:	61.7 KB
ID:	527

4.Authentication Log View(see below snapshots)

Click image for larger version

Name:	Authentication L&#111.jpg
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Size:	169.6 KB
ID:	528

5.Registration Process of Fingerprint,Face & IRIS
Click image for larger version

Name:	enroll..jpg
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Size:	43.4 KB
ID:	529Click image for larger version

Name:	lst face reg..jpg
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Size:	57.2 KB
ID:	530Click image for larger version

Name:	enrolliris..jpg
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Size:	66.3 KB
ID:	531Click image for larger version

Name:	lst fing reg..jpg
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ID:	532Click image for larger version

Name:	lst user registe&#.jpg
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ID:	533

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