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Mobile Application Developement

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Why Mobile Apps ?
- Mobile Apps increase your Brand value
- Mobile Apps bring in new valuable inquiries
- Mobile Apps provide customers quick access to your products & services
- Mobile Apps allow you to communicate with your customers effectively

A Mobile APP is the greatest Free Marketing Tool Available : Most Apps are downloaded tens of thousands of times. The most popular Apps can have an audience of millions! Your App is a permanentClick image for larger version

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ID:	364 presence in the mobile world and during its lifetime, it is likely to generate a constant stream of new customer leads.

Our mobile APP solutions will improve communication with your customers : Our App solutions feature a two way real time communication system which allows you to cut through all the clutter of traditionalClick image for larger version

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ID:	365 email systems deluged with spam and ensures your message gets through to your customer.

Promote and protect your brand in the mobile marketplace : The growth of smart phone usage has meant that people are conducting more business on the go. Your App establishes your companies presence in this fast growing market. App names like domain names identify your brand to mobile users. It is important that you establish your presence early otherwise you may find your brand or similar brand is already established in your absence.

Key Features:
- Business Logo, About us, Contact us sections.
- Easy navigation on one touch to every section.
- Product/Service catalog with image previews.
- Detailed product description section.
- Send quote requests, support sequest using enquiry section.
- Feeds, News & Notification section provides updated about latest events, offers to customer.
- Mobile App will store all information on phone.
- Provides geographic location under contact section.

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