• BioScan10 Biometric Device Certification for UID Applications by STQC

    BioScan10, The Ten Fingerprint Scanner from BioEnable Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune has been certified by STQC (Certification Body for UID) for Fingerprint Registration for UID Project. As only STQC Certified Products can be used for Fingerprint Enrollments for issuing Aadhar UID Card, STQC follows a very strict procedure for certifying Fingerprint Scanners so that only quality products can be used for a smooth and hassle free enrollment.

    You can see the certification here - Biometric Device Certification for UID Applications

    UID is one of the prestigious projects in India where Biometric Card with Unique Identification Number will be issued to every citizen, as it require registering all the 10 Fingerprints of the person, Fingerprint Registration is the most important part of the process and requiring quality Fingerprint Scanner for fast and better registration.

    BioScan10 is based on advanced fingerprint recognition technology that will make fingerprint capture process easy and accurate. Its advanced optical technology and intelligent software allow capture of fingerprints that are otherwise rejected by other scanners, and also unlike other Fingerprint Scanners available for registration, it doesn’t have any coating on its prism which will avoid lots of service related issue and ensure proper registration.

    Manmohan Kumar, VP Marketing, BioEnable said, “As we are offering Fingerprint Based Solutions in India for the last 10 years, we are one of the most experienced companies in this field with the biggest network across India, we are dedicated towards making UID Aadhar Fingerprint Registration Process a success with our vast expertise in this field, world-class hardware and one of the best service and support required.”

    He further added, “For the problem being faced by EA (Enrollment Agencies) in the field in registering the Fingerprints of the citizens, it was the time to launch the best quality Fingerprint Scanner suitable for the Indian Environment for a faster and proper enrollment, and the same has been confirmed by STQC by certifying our product”.

    BioEnable Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading and biggest companies in India offering Fingerprint Based Solutions for the last 10 years. BioEnable has been involved with many national level project related to Fingerprint and worked for e-governance projects for different states, RTO project for issuing Fingerprint Base Driving License, e-passport project for issuing Fingerprint Based Passports and many more.

    Product Details - http://fingerprint-scanner.bioenable...print-scanner/