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  1. BioEnable mobiScan - Bluetooth Finger Print Peripheral for Android phones

    BioEnable mobiScan is specially designed Finger Print Bluetooth Module can be use as peripheral for Android devices having 2.1 or higher OS.
    Also we are providing the Android application software (mobiScan) for this device , using this software and mobile Bluetooth you can connect the device.

    Basic use of this system is attendance. using this device you can maintain the attendance of the particulars easily using finger print.

    Device creates the logs of attendance

    Updated 09-26-2012 at 03:48 PM by mobile.team2

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  2. Baby footprint identification



    Identification of new born baby's is one of the main tasks of the medical team following birth. Especially in developing countries , where security in public maternity wards is not very tight, and overcrowding is common, the risks of a baby swap or kidnap are above acceptable.

    Reliable and fast methods for identification of new born baby's were made available and used inside maternities and hospitals, ...

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  3. BioEnable’s Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner

    BioEnable’s Multispectral Fingerprint Scanner supports several modes of operation. This self-contained intelligent device performs all biometric functions and processing inside the sensor and provides on board template storage for both search and verification functions. It performs image processing, image output, feature extraction,biometric template generation, 1:1 matching or verification, 1:N matching or identification, and a pass/fail result.

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  4. Fingerprint Authentication System (BioDESK-PRO)

    Fingerprint Authentication System (BioDESK-PRO)

    Introduction : Fingerprint Authentication System Software is developed by BioEnable Technologies. It is used for Registration, Verification and Identification of Fingerprint biometric data .

    Registration Module :
    ● Simple wizard base registration form.
    ● Easy update process of registered user.

    Verification and Identification Module ...

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    Biometrics , ‎ Time Attendance
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  5. BioEnable Single Eye Iris Scanner SDK – BioIrisOne-SDK

    BioEnable developed Single eye Iris Scanner called “Bioenable Iris one”. Bioenable Iris one was designed and developed with over 2 years of research.Bioenable Iris one is the first Iris scanner to be designed & manufactured by an Indian company. BioIrisOne-SDK provides the Application Programming Interface (API) to capture Iris from BioIrisOne scanner , which can be later used for the enrollment and matching purpose. BioIrisOne-SDK has been developed using the C#.NET programming ...

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