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  1. Trans v1

    Trans v1 is a unique device launched by BioEnable that will revolutionize the way you do business.
    Trans v1 is a powerful mobile payment terminal provided with secure ARM9 CPU, 24M large memory, compact design, and supports GPRS, CDMA or Wi-Fi wireless communication methods and multi-application.
    The device comes with RS232 serial port with RJ11 connector.So, additional peripherals can also be attached to this port.

    Key Features

    * PCI V1.3, online & offline

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  2. Mobile Application Developement

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    Why Mobile Apps ?
    - Mobile Apps increase your Brand value
    - Mobile Apps bring in new valuable inquiries
    - Mobile Apps provide customers quick access to your products & services
    - Mobile Apps allow you to communicate with your customers effectively

    A Mobile APP is the greatest Free Marketing Tool Available : Most Apps are downloaded tens of thousands of times. The most popular Apps can have an audience of millions! Your

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  3. BioScan-10 Fingerprint Scanner

    • BioScan10 fingerprint scanner is a STQC certified product so it can be used for fingerprint enrollments for issuing Aadhaar UID(Unique Identification Number)Card.
    • All civil and law enforcement applications requiring the acquisition of 10-prints will be fully satisfied by BioScan10 performance and quality.

    • For more information about the bioscan10 fingerprint scanner,please visit the following link:

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  4. SmartSuite-M: Time and Attendance System on Mobile

  5. Task Manager : GPS Based Task Manager System on Mobile

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